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Helping to increase your capacity to live and to give...

Phi·lan·thro·py noun \fə-ˈlan(t)-thrə-pē\: the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people

We try to live by the principles that we preach, and this includes giving five percent of our gross revenues back to the community as well as to the world-at-large to support causes that are important to us and our clients.

It is easy to give money because there are always people and organizations willing to take it. It is much harder to give money effectively. As our budget has grown, we have seen the importance of becoming strategic in our philanthropic efforts. Accordingly, McDaniel Knutson has identified the areas where we want to make a difference and those organizations we can partner with to further those endeavors. In addition, we have a matching program for charitable contributions made by our employees.

Philanthropic Vision - Partnering with Clients

Our vision is to inspire philanthropy, and we want to help increase our clients' capacity to live and to give. We can show you how you can leave an extraordinary legacy for your loved ones and for the causes that matter to you. We will explain how you can make the most of:

  • Your Personal Wealth: The experiences, values, and stories from your life are rich. They make you who you are and help direct others to your important causes.
  • Your Social Wealth: The actions you take - from volunteer work to mentoring to charitable giving - have an impact on the world in which we live.
  • Your Tangible Wealth: Your financial assets exist to give you the life you want - for your loved ones and the causes that are important to you.

Let us help you plan how to make a real difference in the world in the present and in the future.

Primary Partners:

Global Poverty. Since we live privileged lives, we believe in doing what we can to help battle poverty. We chose to partner with the India Gospel League, an indigenous Indian non-governmental organization, with a goal to bring hope and opportunity to thousands of people in villages located in the province of Tamil Nadu, India. This is a holistic approach that includes education, health care, economic development, jobs training and much more. We adopted our first village in 2007 and the results were so encouraging that today we continue our sponsorship. We returned in 2016 and were overjoyed at the progress we saw. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed our trip.

Environment. We only have one planet to live on, and we believe we should be good stewards of her. In light of this, we have not only partnered with the Lawrence, Kansas chapter of Greenwish, we are also its primary sponsor. Greenwish collaborates with local environmental organizations and raises funds to support their efforts.

Arts. The arts are particularly important in enhancing the quality of life in a community. Therefore, we have partnered with Theatre Lawrence to sponsor a play annually. Besides producing several plays throughout the year, Theatre Lawrence joins forces with schools and the local community for a number of projects designed to help children and adults realize their creative potential.

Education. McDaniel Knutson believes that quality education is the backbone of America's future. This is why we support two private schools, Veritas and Kansas City Christian School.

Healthcare. Many people lack access to affordable, quality healthcare in such an affluent society as ours. McDaniel Knutson partners with Heartland Community Health Center to help people receive the healthcare they need. Heartland is a Federally Qualified Health Center dedicated to "holistic, integrated health care - a health model that focuses on physical health as well as emotional, social and spiritual health."

Consulting and Collaborative Facilitation Services. Addressing complex social issues such as poverty can be more successful when you have a partner and that is why Significant Matters exists. We partner with Significant Matters to help facilitate research and development of philanthropy and personal legacy planning.

Besides our primary partners, we also support World VisionAmerican Red CrossThe Joint Economic Development Council of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, and the Pregnancy Care Center. When natural disasters strike, we respond through contributions to organizations such as the Red Cross and Hope International. We also work to support as many organizations that our clients are involved with as possible. This approach has resulted in gifts to the Lawrence Humane Society, the American Cancer Society, the Dole Institute of Politics and many more.