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Our Services

Our services include areas of both financial planning and investing. Our mission is to use our knowledge, skills, and resources to help people increase their capacity to live and to give.


  • Calculate how much savings you need
  • Develop ways to protect your cash flow
  • Build and execute financial strategies designed specifically for you
  • Determine your optimal asset location
  • Develop and strengthen your relationships with all of our advisors
  • Find and recommend optimal charitable strategies you can use
  • Identify appropriate tax saving strategies for you
  • Diagnose your optimal retirement age
  • Resolve preretirement distribution issues
  • Evaluate viable retirement plan rollover options
  • Assess your social security age and opportunities
  • Determine the best strategies for turning your retirement assets into retirement income
  • Review the spectrum of retirement risks, and the products and strategies needed to reduce your risks
  • Assess tax efficient retirement plan withdrawals
  • Manage your required minimum distributions
  • Determine if a ROTH conversion is appropriate for you
  • Appraise if long-term care insurance is necessary for you
  • Determine if a life insurance settlement is valid
  • Build and execute your estate plan


  • Assess your company's benefit strength
  • Determine retirement plans that are appropriate for your business
  • Identify options for reducing ownership risk
  • Execute a proper business valuation
  • Evaluate financing options
  • Resolve cashflow and debt issues
  • Consult on executing a sale or transfer of ownership

McDaniel Knutson is a full-service financial planning organization. We are committed to being a partner and advocate for you.

Philosophy: We believe long-range planning and service are more important than short-term gains. Our approach centers on representing your best interests, not those of a particular investment or insurance company. We only recommend the investment products and strategies that we use ourselves, and we are committed to excellence and integrity without compromise. 

Active Management: We actively manage the investments within each client's portfolio, and each holding in every model is examined against certain standards to be sure they are performing as expected. We do not outsource in-depth research on the overall health of the market and specific investments. Victoria Bogner, our Chief Investment Analyst, leads our investment committee for in-depth market analysis where the overall health of the market, as well as each specific holding, is reviewed. Dozens of indicators are used to assess the current market environment. Once they understand the big picture, the committee zooms into specific investments to make sure our expectations are consistent.

Individualized, Client-Focused Service: Our objective is to provide you with the highest level of service. Our advisors do not compete with each other for business instead, we work together to achieve the best results for you. We will customize financial plans to suit you while building a long-term, trust-based relationship. 

Communication: We are available when you need us. Regular market commentaries are sent to you via email, we publish a monthly newsletter, and we recommend meeting at least once each year. Our meeting is a time to evaluate your investments and to ensure they are meeting your objectives and expectations.